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Little Lancashire Candle Company 🕯️

I'm going to start this first off by stating that I've not been sponsored in any way at all for this post, I'm very passionate about this company, not just because the business owner is one of my best friends but because every single product is seriously the best I've tried in every field.

Not only are they all vegan, cruelty free, locally made by a small business and all other buzzwords that make my heart skip a beat... every single item seriously slaps. Hard.

I've suffered with ezcema/dry skin for my whole life which amplified after working for years in the hospitality sector; cooking, washing my hands constantly and being outside for years at events and markets.

My saving grace came in the form of a beautiful little blonde Irish lady who came to me offering her magical elixirs and potions which have helped me every step of the way

From the Wellness Bath Soak which has never left me feeling so clean and soft in my life, to the Multi Miracle Elixir Oil which is now a prominent fixture in my skincare regime, the Wellness Sleep Mist which helps to summon the sand man when it's time to sleep, to the Body Buddha which instantly soothes and fixes my poor hands and cracked heals after a hard day.

I'm so grateful for every single product that I've been lucky enough to try and you can all be just as lucky as me very excitingly Little Lancashire are holding their first market stall at the lovely Wild Root in Halsall for their Winter Market Extravaganza next Saturday 17th December, just in time for the perfect stocking fillers for yourselves and your loved ones

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