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Roll up and roll on

Once you’re in a positive mindset it can be easy to ‘stop sweating the small stuff’ but when talking about actual sweat, I found it was easier said than done when trying to find a good cruelty-free deodorant!

The Body Shop have some brilliant products I use and I do like this white musk. It does kind of have a slight ‘Nana’ smell about it but it’s comforting, not unpleasant and leaves me feeling that if I did happen to sweat, any smell would be hidden.

Another fab product, and probably my favourite out the two is the Aloe caring roll on. It works well for me as a barrier and is very gentle for sensitive skin.

I loved the smell and the idea of the Ben & Anna Persian lime, along with the cardboard packaging and the message of ocean cleaning. However whether I put on a little (as recommended) or an extra layer it didn’t last very long at all. 

The Jason stick was easy to use and also very calming and soft however it didn’t provide me with as much protection as The Body Shop Aloe did. 

It’s a tough choice between the salt of the earth spray or the colloidal silver roll on being my worst options however I’m leaning with the spray unfortunately. 

I wanted to like this natural deodorant but I honestly feel like it MADE me sweat. Drawing any potential toxins or nasties out of me is great but when I’m out and about lugging my business (gazebo) around was not ideal at all. 

The colloidal silver also had a similar effect although came with a nice fresh lemon and lavender scent so it wasn’t as noticeable as quickly.  

I’ve never really had issues when sweating (even when exercising weirdly) until the last few years but I put it down to a mix of anxiety, starting my business and being more active moving heavy weights around. Although maybe I’ve always been like this and never noticed it with more ‘traditional’ brands in the past.

Have you tried any of the above? What was your favourite, or do you have a different alternative? Let me know 💚 


Lisa @ That Veggie Place  xo

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