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uBeeU - Liverpool

🌱uBeeU Kickstarter Campagin launched earlier this week on the 1st August 🙌 It’s a brilliant campaign to get behind. This UK born app has been created to help people easily choose ethical and sustainable products along with showing dietary restrictions up easily 👊🏼 

The company are passionate about making shoppers feel comfortable when choosing products based on families dietary requirements and they also want to help change the way we all treat the planet! 

Along with this they also want to help people take up veganism/vegetarianism successfully 💚 

I have a little statement below from the team 💌📩

🌱 We believe that no matter how small someone backs us, it's backing us in the right direction 🌱 We want to help make a change to people's lives, animals and the environment 🌱 Lets show the world a whole new way of shopping for your food allergies, ethical requirements and hey let's work on improving our planet at the same time 👌 🌱 Right now we need your help, uBeeU is a small independent business from Liverpool UK who are passionate about making a difference.. 

They have a great mission ahead of them and could use our help, please give them a follow and see what brilliant ideas they have  @ubeeultd 💚

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