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Amsterdam 2019

It truly is our home from home. It was the first place we went together as a couple, and we’ve been every year since.

It’s amazing being in this current day where apps like Happycow, Trip Advisor and Instagram exist. Full of knowledge from (mainly!) normal people wanting to share why to avoid somewhere or whether to hunt it down.

Cruelty free living really has never tasted so good. I was still able to have all my favourite things but to an even better quality than before. My non-vegan boyfriend ate vegan for the majority of the trip after feeling ill due to dairy and loved every single option.

It turns out our hotel is right next to all the best vegan food places, I’ve just never realised - until a very long lap all around Amsterdam took us all the way back to the start 😂 However I’d happily walk from Liverpool to Amsterdam for this cookie dough ice cream. This delight from JuiceBrothers was coconut based with rich gooey chunks of cookie dough, chocolate chips and lashings of caramel sauce. The best vegan ice cream I’ve ever tasted and I’m not ashamed to say we may have visited more than just the once...

I tried to balance out what I was eating as much as possible so I didn’t feel too sluggish whilst walking about everywhere. Seeds, nuts, fruit, veg and juices were grabbed at any opportunity and the handy Bircher from Starbucks went down a treat for a quick breakfast one morning.

Maoz is fantastic, clearly labeled vegan and plenty of locations to stumble across in the most popular areas. Every time we passed they were full of people and we couldn’t help but notice how quiet all the numerous steakhouses were 🎉 We had lunch there one day and I had the falafel pita meal with garlic mayo frites. The salad bar selection is amazing and makes the whole meal. Gherkins, jalapeño, onion relish, coleslaw, cous cous, sauces the list goes on. The next time I go I’ll probably just get a salad or a plain pitta as I really couldn’t get enough of it. Pizza Hut please take note!📝 

The hard part was narrowing down what to eat and what to not. There really is so much choice! Although after all the walking (seriously, almost 30 miles in 3 days) and lurking in coffee shops there’s somehow always room for some more..

Last year I visited The Happy Pig and was pleased with my pancakes but this time round they’ve outdone themselves. The pancakes themselves were great each time but they have really upped their topping game and I finally settled on this bad boy combination of banana with hazelnut and chocolate 🤤 

It’s great how it’s clear more and more people are unclouding the fog and seeing the light. I believe the last time I visited VJFB last year there were just the two locations (I could be wrong) but now there are four!! I shouldn’t be surprised really as they really have taken the vegan scene by storm with their delicious creations. 

After a brief struggle I pried myself away from the amazing Notorious Sumo burger with Parmesan fries I had last time and went for the Daddy Mc Chik’n. With an additional side of Kapsalon loaded freak fries as I was torn between the shawarma royal special or the burger and was on holiday so wanted the best of both worlds!

The ‘chicken’ patties on the burger were a little tough for me but did remind me of the turkey drummers I enjoyed as a child. The salad, pickles, sticky American cheese and homemade sauce were very tasty and the charcoal bun was soft yet sturdy enough to hold the whole thing together. 

The freak fries were amazing. The true star of the show. A shawarma-style kebab ‘meat’ alternative protein, jalapeños, grated cheese, chillis, garlic and a mixture of spicy in-house sauces. Oh my goodness can I have some more?!

There are also many Wok to Walk and Wok to Go noodle bars around the centre. Wok to Walk is the better option for us vegans as they offer both Udon and Soba noodles, along with a variety of vegetables, nuts, seeds and tofu options. I was slightly disappointed in their hot sauce, it tasted a lot sweeter than I was anticipating but lovely nevertheless. 

And I think that’s all there is to say! You stay you Amsterdam. Do you think I’ve covered all bases or have you any recommendations of your own? Let me know and I’ll be sure to visit in future xo

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