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#Veganuary - Liverpool One - The Body Shop

My heart did a little leap when I was asked if I would like to visit The Body Shop as part of Liverpool One’s Veganuary campaign and have a vegan beauty consultation. Of course I would! Cruelty free, beauty and my favourite city - Liverpool?! How could I say no? 

I’ve always loved The Body Shop. I remember being in high school looking at important historical figures on the wall in History lessons and reading all about Anita Roddick and her passion for selling sustainable, natural and ethical products. With everything being vegetarian anyway, almost 95% of their products are now vegan friendly and they hope to bring this to a full 100% in future!🎉 

We were greeted by Sophie at The Body Shop who was in charge of the consultation. After asking me about my beauty routine and whether I have any allergens or not, she used a electronic moisture monitor to read my skins level of oil / moisture / dryness. I have combination skin where some days it’s oily and some days it’s dry, rarely ‘just right’. I’ve assumed it’s due to working in the kitchen but Sophie explained to me how skin works by overcompensating with oil if the dry skin is dehydrated.

The first step of the routine was a double cleanse with the most gorgeous camomile cleansing butter. So gorgeous in fact, I had to purchase some to take away with me as it removes make up so easily. The pads were absolutely black, full of grime, especially considering I wasn’t wearing any make up! It just shows how much pollution your skin comes to contact with on a daily basis and why it’s so important to look after it properly!

Then Sophie used the Seaweed Toner for extra cleansing (again, amazing - had to take one of those home with me) and a few drops of gold dust. Oh no sorry it’s not actually called gold dust, it’s the new Drops of Youth Serum and made my face feel so bouncy! 

She then moved on to using the Youth Concetrate Sheet Mask which made my face feel brand new, younger and healthier after just 15 minutes.

After a lovely facial massage with the twin ball roller (Sophie - would you mind coming round and doing that each evening for me please? It was ridiculously relaxing!) I was all set once the finishing touch of Seaweed SPF Moisturiser was applied and kept my freshness locked in.  

She also gave a quick demonstration on my hand of Youth Liquid Peel which calmly and softly removes any dead skin. I was surprised how quickly it works, and that no scrubbing was required! The last time I had that much dead skin removed I had to lie on a slab in a Turkish Spa fearing for my life that I would have no skin left at the end of it! I also had the pleasure of trying both the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Mask and the Fresh Plumping British Rose Mask. 

The charcoal mask dried very quickly and smelt amazing due to the organic tea tree oil and green tea leaves. I could feel the crap being drawn out from my pores. And the rosehip oil and real rose petals in the plumping mask really did make my skin feel plumper, more hydrated and I was left glowing.

I literally felt like I was on my holidays I had such a pampering. Just when I thought the products couldn’t get any better, each step trumped the predecessor. I had no idea that The Body Shop offered facials and beauty consultations. I tend to go to a Spa around once per year if I’m lucky, but end up spending far more than needed due to all the other options available. In future I now know where to go for cruelty free products and expert advice.

Of course we had to stay for some food, and we were spoilt for choice having previously read Liverpool One’s guide to the best food and offers (click here for the full Liverpool One Veganuary article)

After careful deliberation we couldn’t say no to our favourite - Yo! Sushi - and took advantage of their Blue Monday £3 a bowl offer. Perfect as usual and the new dishes on the menu (particularly the inari were incredible). I’ll be sure to both visit The Body Shop in future for any upcoming facials, and to try and work my way around as many of the other Vegan dishes in the brilliant Liverpool One. 

Thank you to Emma from L1’s Social Team for asking me and arranging the day, thank you to Sophie for working your magic with my face and imparting useful knowledge to me about beauty and the products, and to my fab sister @makeupbyemmabrown thank you for documenting it all, making me such a fantastic video. 

Until next time! Xo

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