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Christmas 2018

This part of the blog definitely is made up of more photos than words but Xmas is for family and relaxing and I’d be spamming my instagram with one photo a day until Easter otherwise 😂

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and have a brilliant New Year. 

I was fortunate to receive some beautiful fresh produce among my gifts this year. Beautiful portobello, enyngii, shimeji and enoki mushrooms,

fruit and vegetables from our friends at Smithy Mushrooms in Scarisbrick, Lancs  

And also lots of organic fruit and veg from the lovely Chia Chia in Ormskirk, Lancs (majority isn’t pictured as it had already been eaten!).

Starting the festivities we continued our newish Christmas Eve tradition of going out for a meal.

Me, my mum and my sister had our usual lovely tapas assortment from Cork in Ormskirk, then waved goodbye to the buzzing bar ready for the main event the next day.

Santa well and truly had been. Parcels chocked full of thoughtful, useful and beautiful items. I’m a very lucky girl and am grateful for every single one of them.

We thought this potato looked too much like a little character to use so he now lives in a plant pot in the kitchen!

Christmas dinner was absolutely amazing. We chose to go for a lighter option for our starter this year. Salsa, cream cheese with nuts and seeds, garlicky hummus and crackers

It went down well and left me wanting more which is suppose is the purpose of starters! I’ve made that mistake far too many times in the past and ruined my main meal by letting my belly get the better of me.

Mum absolutely outdid her previous self as usual and made a nut roast for us using lentils, almonds, cashews and dried fruits. It was perfect paired with the carrot & suede mash, roasted onions, sprouts, parsnips, stuffing and of course her roast potatoes.

Plus there was plenty to spare so that sorted out part of the nibbles for the next couple of days.

Boxing Day brought more us more treats.

Mixing things up this year we had a huge Brunch featuring both potato waffles and hash browns 

Followed by more gifts, having Christmas part 2 with my dad

Before all going for another tasty meal to the Cricketers in Ormskirk 

The starter was my favourite part of the meal. The spring rolls were crispy and light, with a refreshing Asian salad adding crunch and texture to the dish.

The curry was nice and flavourful but very sweet for my liking. The last time I went I had a similar curry so asked for extra chilli and spice, which definitely helped but I could have had a lot more of them added to it 

For desert I had the ‘crumble-less crumble’ which was supposed to be a peanut butter crumb which I am allergic to. 

Luckily I was able to have it without the topping and the fruit was delicious with the dairy free ice cream and very filling. 

It’s incredible how many vegan options there are to choose from now. The hard part was choosing what to eat because there were so many lovely things out there

A day out in our local city couldn’t be spent without visiting Frost Burgers. 

I’m hooked already and am sure if they handed out samples outside of McDonald’s then the majority of the public would prefer theirs and choose cruelty free.

No matter how much veg was eaten, there’s no such thing as too much 

And it was certainly needed to balance out the more than a couple of drinks I had over the festive period.

I had the surreal experience of screaming my heart out singing in a Christmas tree.

Singing in Bar Hütte, a bar made up of Après Ski Alpine-style chalets, underneath Liverpool ONE’s iconic 30-metre Christmas tree was a hilarious experience.

After the hot gingerbread G&Ts food was next on the agenda and we ordered practically one of every vegan item on the menu at Picnic. 

As well as the copious amount of meals spent out and about, I also loved cooking and using the variety of vegetables, fruit and mushrooms in meals.

I was under the weather one day and all my stomach fancied was pizza so this beauty from Pizza Hut sorted me out. Spicy with plenty of tomato base and not too much cheese. Just how I like it! They’ve also launched a new jackfruit burger that I’ll be trying next time.

I finally got round to trying Vivera goujons which were realistic without having an overwhelmingly fishy taste which I enjoyed.

And bubble and squeak is a favourite of mine, it’s easy and every bite tastes like a mouthful of Christmas cheer.

The final photo is a feast of a buffet we had on New Years Day. Thank you for reading about everything I’ve been up to and have eaten this Christmas. It’s been magical and I hope yours has been too xo

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