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Manchester Christmas Markets 🎄

My weekend started with a bright and early start, ready for a day full of eating and Christmas vibes, I couldn’t wait to begin!  

The last time I went to the markets in Manchester I was vegetarian so was unsure as to what kind of options (if any) to expect.

One of the first stalls we were hurded along into (it was crazily busy) was a stall serving different types of potato, mushroom and other stuff. 

We shared a portion of garlic potatoes and they were amazing. I used to get the Lancashire cheese potatoes but these were even better. So soft and full of flavour, they were perfect.  

We found a cute little bar and had a drink or two to wash down the garlic. It’s not a proper Christmas market having without a mulled wine in my option and I was not about to break my tradition!

I saw a vegan jackfruit gyros option at a Greek food stall which sounded nice but I wasn’t really in the mood for a big pitta. 

I spied another vegan offering at a Mexican food stall, a fully loaded burrito, which sounded very tasty too. 

I was really holding out for a bratwurst and cookie dough (id seen somebody on Insta mention they’d had some) but try as I might I couldn’t find any vegan versions 🤷🏻‍♀️💔

A portion of Amsterdam frites with vegan cheese and mayo certainly helped fill that void though. They were a bit more like a fancy chippy chip than the frites I’ve had in Amsterdam but they were still gorgeous.

We wandered off to a quieter area and stumbled across some beautiful buildings and shops.

I couldn’t walk past veggie pret without grabbing a mac and greens. One of the best mac and cheeses ever. 

Next time I make up a batch I am definitely adding in the vegetables they use to give it that extra tastiness and nutrients 

Finally, somehow after all those carbs, I picked up a pack of sushi from itsu for dinner. 

There was not one complaint from my mouth today, everything I was eating was a sheer taste sensation and once again the food in Manchester has not let me down xo

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