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Frost Burgers with a touch of Home Slice

Excited and hungry, we departed quickly and full of anticipation of what was about to be in our waiting bellies. Frost burgers has only been open for a couple of weeks now but every single thing I’ve heard has been nothing but good. I’ve not had a burger as good as the one I had at Junk Food Bar in Amsterdam and am always willing to source out its competition.

I opted for the double cheese burger whereas my Boyf chose the chicken free burger. His was lovely and I would have happily wolfed down more than the one bite I had to try, however I was blown away by mine.  

Exactly how I remember a cheeseburger from Maccies - thin patty, soft bun, a good helping of gherkins, relish and a slice of melty stick-to-your-teeth kind of cheese.

We shared a portion of fries which were skin on, fluffy yet crispy and moreishly salty. And of course I couldn’t leave without trying a frosty cone. It looked exactly like mr whippy or mcflurry-style ice cream and I certainly wasn’t disappointed as it tasted better than I remember either of those to be. 

After a brief and brisk walk we found ourselves at the beautiful grade II listed Grand Central building. I used to search for vintage finds there as a teenager and it was such a joy to hear it had reopened as a food hall. The interior still looks remnant to Gaudi’s Palau GüellI, with its iron decor twisting around, luring you and drawing you in to feel as though you too could be sitting abroad in Barcelona.  

After a couple of beverages our appetites suddenly started reconsidering whether or not we were done so we grabbed a sneaky garlic bread from Home Slice. Ran by one of the coorganisers of AV Liverpool (an absolutely amazing group of activists, who show the truth to the people) Home Slice has also been at the top of my food wishlist since its opening.  

As much as the veggie pizza was calling my name, I had just wolfed down a burger, fries and an ice cream, so we got a garlic bread to share. The cheese was a nice surprise I wasn’t expecting, bubbling away softly on top of the rich tomato sauce. But the base was the champion in my eyes. There was a rustic crumb similar to dominos pizza yet the bread was thin and crispy - not bordering on the stodgy side like dominos classic crust.  

The burger was definitely on a par, if not better than its Dutch rival. I had a really lovely evening but it’s heartbreaking and crazy knowing the mindless pain some poor animals have to go through when we can get food this good from plants.

I can’t wait to do it all over again already, but in future we will be getting pizzas from Home Slice to take away home with us! 

Until next time xo

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