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Chia Chia - Ormskirk, Lancashire 🌱💚

Finally my little hometown has a completely meatfree cafe and shop! The first of its kind and I couldn’t be more excited.

Any vegans who are local to me and who follow me have probably been wondering why on earth it’s taken me so long to write about the new Plant Based & Vegetarian Cafe/Shop that’s opened in Ormskirk 

I do apologise but I wanted to make sure every aspect was covered before writing and can happily say that I have eaten here practically every single day since Chia Chia opened.  

It’s named Chia Chia after the obvious chia seed, however the name is incredibly apt as it certainly has spread more cheer to the masses in my small hometown

Not only is it the only premises around here that doesn’t have any meat at all at the facility, the kitchen is completely open too, which quells any doubts lingering at all to the consumer.

I know I certainly doubt the vegan food I’ve ordered from an non vegan restaurant - the fact that they may use the same chopping boards, knives, or have not washed their hands after handling meat really irks me - but rest assured there are none of those worries here.

A menu packed full of tasty grub means no vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, health conscious or compassionate person needs to worry. They have all bases covered and there’s plenty for everybody. As well as a weekly specials menu the only minor concern would be how to narrow down the choice!

The other part of the building is a brilliant supermarket, packed full of everything any foodie could desire. From cheese, milk and cream to whole foods, supplements and vegan junk food there’s something for every plant based hero.

It means I no longer have to hand any hard earned money over to the billionaire who owns Holland & Barrett or pay shipping costs to big companies to have the items delivered to me from the supermarket online whom I usually use.

Chia Chia is ran by a lovely local man named Josh, with the whole family behind him helping out. All the staff are friendly and love talking to likeminded people or people who are curious about being more plant based than carnivorous.

Not only would I prefer to spend my money at a local plant based shop and eatery like this, but it’s lovely to see the money doing good things which you would never see at a faceless chain company.

Recently Chia Chia have announced on their social that they will be opening up on Christmas Day to provide meals for FREE to any elderly or lonely people in the area. How amazing is that 💕  

Other than the occasional soup kitchen or mission around here I’ve never heard of an actual company being so selfless and providing free food and time at Christmas. Plenty of people have already voulenteered their time or offered to provide items to help out.

If that’s not the true message of Christmas - giving, love and compassion - then I don’t know what it is.

Occasionally they have also ran demos highlighting different beauty brands and health products which are available in the shop. It’s great to see the products being used how they were intended to be and more often than not, new things are learnt.

I’ve heard rumours about a local farm trying to sabotage sales. We all need to support and get behind these guys and show them how much we care. Surely local businesses should be supportive of each other and pleased that there’s becoming more of a demand for organic products, and not only be concerned about their own pockets and greed. All that’s done is made me never want to visit their farm shop and give all my business to Chia Chia.

It can only be great things for the future, here’s to you - three cheers for Chia Chia 🥂🎉✨🌱

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