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Rainford Vegan Village Fair

I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with my mum and her newly vegan friend yesterday at a little local vegan fair. The location wasn’t as large as some I have previously been to but it was packed full of plenty of stalls, and people to boot. 

Food, drink, talks, crafts, crystals, beauty, skincare, and many more stalls were packed full of tasty and beautiful things to keep every vegan more than satisfied.

Stumbled across a vegan bakery called Leafy Creams who are based in Manchester and every single item was beautifully displayed and 100% up my street. I couldn’t help but take a slice of the Autumn Spice cake, a cookie dough cake pop and a slab of honeycomb brownie home with me.

Then it was on to the savoury goods - sushi and hot dogs! After devouring this amazingly tasty and beautifully made sushi we spotted the lovely lady who makes Gracious Grub. Her entire menu sounded gorgeous but after already having a bite, a hot dog each was more than satisfactory.

I bumped into Psycho Syd who was such an enthusiastic presence, and I’d absolutely love to go to his Thailand trip to help the sanctuary animals. So many familiar and happy faces with such good food and vibes all under one roof. What a fantastic way to spend a day off 💚

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