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My 26th Birthday 🍰🎉

In my book all good celebrations have either friends/family, food and fun - and my birthday definitely had all three. My lovely mum and sister took me to try the amazing Sanskruti for the first time! 

I could not believe it’s location, I literally worked in the building next door for about a year, and somehow passed by it daily!

We followed our noses down a staircase which lead us into decent sized restaurant, that still felt cosy due to the decor.

Beautiful Moroccan-style glass orb lights and upside down colourful umbrellas hung from the ceiling providing us a warm glow 

For our starters we had Idli dipped in sambhar, Masala chips and the vegetable sheesh kebab. The sambhar sauce was beautiful and accompanied the rice dumplings perfectly. The masala chips were sticky and sweet with a kick to the after taste. And the sheesh kebab was my favourite starter - full of flavour and packing a punch - lay on a bed of hot sizzling onions. Already starting to feel vaguely full I still wanted more of the kebab. 

And for the main course we shared a Tofu makhani, Chanda masala, Tarka Daal and Kaju Masala with pilau rice, mushroom rice and a Peshawari naan. They were all gorgeous but the Channa masala and Kaju Masala were my favourites. The spices were spot on in the Channa and the amount of cashews in the Kaju made my greedy belly very happy indeed. 

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I heard happy birthday being sung and my family carried out this huge Turkish delight cake they had made for me! I’m not a huge chocolate cake lover but this cake is absolutely amazing and everybody needs to try it! 

Then I was whisked away to Harrogate by my boyfriend for another day of eating and drinking. Finally tried the Vegatsu from Wagamamas, I loved the katsu and rice however the pumpkin was a little too tough for me. I definitely prefer the pumpkin in yo sushis katsu but Wagamama’s win at their portion size! 😂🙈 

We made friends with this beautiful dog lion in the pub which was a lovely treat whilst having a beverage or two!  

We tried to go and support the only vegan shop in Harrogate, called Miss Claire Rose (lovely gifts for lovely people) - what a cute tagline - but unfortunately it was closed when we visited.  

Once again I don’t know what I’ve done to be so lucky or spoilt but am eternally grateful and loved every minute of it all xo 

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