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Infusions Cafe - Burscough, Lancashire

My family and I decided to go try out a little cafe in Burscough. It’s been around for a while, and I’ve had a coffee there previously but never tried any food so was more than ready to visit Infusions! 

They have a two courses for £12 menu (or 3 for £15) with at least three vegan options for each starter, main and desert. 

I chose the cheese ciabatta with tomatoes, skinny fries and salad. The cheese was lovely and melty on the crisp ciabatta bread and the fries were spot on too. 

For dessert I ate the incredibly homely apple and black cherry oat crumble with custard. Piping hot from the oven and very filling but delicious. My sister had the fruits millie feuille with coulis and the pastry was delicate and beautiful paired with the fresh fruit.

The food took a little longer than expected but was more than worth the wait. Until next time xo

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