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The Sandpiper - Bickerstaffe, Lancashire

Forgive me. I seem to do a lot of eating and don’t spend as much time talking about it. Around a month ago my mum and I went for quite a lovely meal and I forgot to divulge the information to you. Tut tut. 

We went to The Sandpiper in Bickerstaffe one sunny evening, as whispers of a new vegan menu had reached our hungry ears. We both chose the same main - Roasted Vegetable Tart - which was a kale and thyme pastry filled with butternut squash, plum tomatoes, red onion, spinach, red peppers and finished with a creamy leek sauce. The pastry was savoury and sturdy enough to contain its fillings. The plum tomatoes, spinach and red onion in particular were very juicy and moreish. However the best bit for me was the leek sauce, it definitely seems to have become a firm favourite of mine and I need to create my own very soon. We also added chips and a side salad to share. The chips were large yet fluffy in the centre yet robust around the edges. 

Unfortunately the chips must have filled all my remaining room and I was too full to go ahead and order the pudding I had my eye on. It was quite pricey for a pub meal but worth every penny for the quality of food produced and the beautiful surrounding. Until next time xo

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