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Woodlands @ Crabtree Ln - National Garden Scheme

I was asked to help out with the running of the cake stall again for Woodlands on Sunday

but this time the venue wasnt at the sanctuary itself -

instead the location for the event was at a beautiful 3/4 acre local garden.

The owners of the house/garden very kindly open their home up to visitors each year with all proceeds being donated to charity. 

It was truly an amazing garden, full of winding walks and secret passages that lead to other gorgeous spots 

as well the small entry fee for viewing the gardens there were other ways of raising money.  

Plants, handmade garden ornaments and refreshments were available to purchase. With so many tranquil spaces to eat them in the visitors were spoilt for choice. 

The vegan selection of cakes sold just as quickly, if not quicker, than the standard cakes 

the upside down pineapple cake was ridiculously soft and succulent 🍍 

The quote of the day for me was from a nice elderly lady who asked me ‘whether I owned the rat family outside, and if they were tame enough to stroke’ 

the gardens were full of wildlife however I never did meet the rat family and remain curious about them now 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀

So many different and usual variety of plants were available to peruse or purchase 

And cake too for that matter!

I couldn’t help but try out a slice a cake, plus it was for charity so surely that’s calorie free? 

It was another very rewarding gorgeous day spent volunteering, raising money for animals and meeting new people 

The cake stall alone raised over £400 which is amazing and will help look after so many furry faces 🐱🐰🦊🐮🐷🐓🐏🐎 

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