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Eating my way around Parklife

The day started off a little cloudy and spitty but got warmer and warmer over the course of the day 🌞🙌🏽 

VIP tickets seemed like a great idea, until it dawned on us that upgrading on the door was an option and everybody else also must have thought it was a great idea too. After not too long at all the VIP area may as well have just been a part of the festival it was that packed 🙈 

Anyway let’s not get me started on the things about the festival that were more than mildly irritating, the people we spoke to were all lovely and you came here to hear about the food so here we go 

I asked some lovely people over at the Mexican street food stand (in the colonnade) if they could do a vegan version of their veggie burrito and they were happy to

Extra guac and lentil chilli in place of the sour cream and cheese, with some hot dipping sauce on the side. Hello happy Lisa! It was so tasty and the spices were spot on - I could eat it again already

Quite a few vendors did offer a vegan alternative which was amazing to see, however I was buzzing when I stumbled across this entirely vegan/veggie stall 🐝

I chose the vegan soya burger with salad and hummus and the burger was good. Quite chewy yet juicy, however I wish I’d have asked for a pita instead of a bun (if that was an option like) as it was a bit too much bread for the burger. I wish I’d have gone all out with festival special to be honest, we only regret the food we didn’t eat 😟 

My boyfriend was still hungry so got some chips and curry. Omg the smell of the curry was that amazing I couldn’t help stealing more than a couple 🙈 

Watching the sunset over Giggs was definitely the highlight for me. That and the burrito 🌯😂 xo

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