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Anonymous for the Voiceless : Liverpool

Otherwise known as AV or AV Liverpool, they’re an animal rights organisation who specialise is street activism.

Their direct approach with street activism is peaceful yet effective. Footage is shown to people interested in viewing it 

And the outreach team are happy to answer any questions about the images shown on the footage and how easy it is to be vegan

The world seems to live in a supply and demand system and until we stop the demand for such cruelty then the supply will continue  

It was a great few hours and overall we spoke to 111 people who we believe have taken the message seriously

I was quite nervous with it being my first time so was in the cube for around 2 hours but then also braved speaking to about 7/8 people and I honestly think 3 of those people are now converts/going to be looking further into veganism

If you are interested in knowing more yourself then please check out all the resources above, follow AV or message me for any help :)

Of course I was starving and no trip to Liverpool is complete without feeding so we had (a late) lunch at The Caladonia. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about so ordered a meat free version of the KFC Zinger burger. 

I also popped into LIV to check out the new zero waste, self serve section which looks amazing and I will be taking my jars to be refilled there very soon. Another very good way to spend a spend a Sunday xo 

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