Birds of Prey @ Woodlands Animal Sanctuary 20/5

I spent my Sunday volunteering at the wonderful Birds of Prey event at Woodlands on the Vegan Food stand.  

The event was a huge success! Over four and a half thousand pounds were raised to help the sanctuary 🎉 It was a gorgeous sunny day and so many people came down to join in the festivities.

As well as the beautiful owls and birds of prey, there was a dog show (so plenty of furry faces walking around for me to pet!), bbq, raffle, tombola, vegan hot and cold food, cakes and many other stalls too. 

As always I couldn’t help but pop in to see the cats and yet again would like to adopt them ALL 🙈

It was fantastic to see so many passionate and appreciative people, everybody there clearly loved animals and many people were thrilled to see Free From options available 

I was asked so many positive questions regarding being vegan and vegan food (mainly from meat eaters) and many of the food choices sold out after just a couple of hours. 

One gent in particular pulled a face when he realised the sausage roll he was looking at was vegan and I explained how every item at the vegan stall was cruelty free

He decided to buy one after all and even came back and mentioned that it wasn’t bad! I know it doesn’t exactly sound like groundbreaking news but it meant a lot and who knows what he may decide to do in future now he knows that cruelty free options of his favourite foods are available.

It’s such a lovely place full of beautiful animals and amazing volunteers who help and care for so many animals every year.

There was loads to choose from - all yummy things to eat - us vegans really were spoilt for choice! I couldn’t help but buy some to take home for my dinner, after a long week it was the nicest meal I could have asked for. Everything was ready made already and every single item was THAT amazing, my only regret is not buying more!

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