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Tongue scraping 👅

The lovely @laurafruitfairy was one of the first vegan pages I followed after turning vegan and a while ago she shared her morning routine with her followers - which introduced me to tongue scraping 👏🏽

Basically the tongue is an organ which regularly gets neglected. The remnants of the day-before collect on the surface of the tongue, along with bacteria whilst we sleep, forming an often white/yellowish colour.   

I purchased myself and my boyfriend a copper Ayurvedic scraper each a couple of months ago and I love the feeling of cleanliness it provides. A few scrapes of a morning (after brushing my teeth) before eating or drinking anything really seems to make breakfast taste a lot more flavourful. 

I am currently on holiday and in the frantic night-before-packing I forgot to bring them with us and can certainly notice the difference. I have been cleaning my teeth 3-4 times a day as my tongue feels almost fuzzy to me and not as fresh by a long shot. 

See you soon tongue scraper 😂 xo

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