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Me and my mooncup 🌚

Let’s talk about periods. Ew gross? No problem, this isn’t the post for you - I’ve many others to read about food and animals which may be more up your street. Continue, you say? Fantastic! I’ve recently changed one little thing and it’s making me want to sing it from the rooftops. 

I’ve ditched tampons. No, not for sanitary pads (however there are some lovely washable eco friendly alternatives now) but for a little soft silicone cup. 

Not only is it latex-free, hypoallergenic and eco friendly but it lasts longer without changing it than a tampon and one single cup can last for years. Welcome into my life mooncup.  

Organic or not, tampons create a huge amount of waste. Apparently the average woman uses between 11,000-16,000 tampons in her lifetime and considering how the majority of us try to recycle and watch our plastic usage, there’s an awful lot of plastic involved with sanitary pads and towels which doesn’t decompose and instead lays there stagnant in the sea and on land.  

It’s a multi-billion dollar industry but there are lots of downsides to tampons that can effect us, the wearers. They can shift and get stuck (I know a lady who had to have hers removed by a doctor after it turned sideways).  

There are many nasty sounding ingredients (ie chlorine, polyester, polypropylene, adhesives, artificial colourings...) inside each tampon and some of those components are linked to infertility, cancer and disruptions with your hormones. It can also leave you vulnerable to bacterial infections if you leave it a little longer than usual, or worse - Toxic Shock Syndrome which can be deadly.  

I’ve not been sponsored in any way, shape or form but just wanted to discuss as this makes life so much easier. No more unprepared running down the shop quickly once ‘Aunt Flo comes knocking’ 🙈🙄 I’m not sure what the current situation is towards homeless women/women living in poverty and their feminine care but these little babies need to be start being handed out to all as they are so cost efficient it’s unbelievable. 

And crazy how switching one thing can feel like it’s making a huge difference. That’s enough of my rant for one day xo 

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