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Fat Italian - Ormskirk

The Fat Italian has been in Ormskirk for years now and is a sure family favourite, yet I’d only been once since turning vegan, as unfortunately (for vegans) most Italian food is heavily cheese-based. So imagine my delight when my sister sent me a photo of a new vegan menu she spotted 👀 que a couple of phone calls later and that’s date night with the boyf all booked and sorted! 

I was so torn over what to choose as it was such a pleasure and rarity being able to eat absolutely everything on the menu and the Rustic Pasta I had on my last visit was to die for. I was torn between Pasta or Pizza so thought I’d get the best of both worlds having a Tomato Garlic Bread to start and a Pasta for my main.

The base was doughy yet crispy, not stodgy, and full of rich tomato flavour. It was so nice that I couldn’t manage to save half for my main and it was all devoured within minutes. 

We have a pasta in our household that is a classic and is simply known as ‘bean pasta’ it sounds unusual but is perfect and all my friends in school/growing up used to request it from my mum when coming over for tea! 

I thought I would put the Fat Italians to the test and chose their ‘3 Bean Pasta Bake’. It was absolutely beautiful and full of additional veggies which I loved. The cheese (I believe was Mozzarisella) was the star of the show and topped the dish perfectly. It was almost as good as my mums but it’s true what they say about not being able to beat mums home cooked food. 

The item which caught my eye on the menu was ‘Vegan Ameretto Crunch’ as Ameretto is my all time favourite alcoholic beverage (I even been collecting the Christmas collaboration bottles for about 5 years!🙈) but I was that full I couldn’t even consider it - which was probably for the best in hindsight.

I’ll definitely be back soon, mainly to try the almondy dessert, until next time xo

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