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Nordico Lounge - Ormskirk

After already hearing opinions from people - good and bad - since it’s opening a few days ago, and seeing it has a separate vegan menu, we couldn’t wait to try it out for ourselves.

The pub/restaurant is very spacious and even has another floor full of tables upstairs so we were spoilt for choice for seating as well as food options.  

We decided to have the same thing as each other and both choose the Goan Vegetable Curry, with a side of fries and ciabatta with oils to share as we are greedy/indecisive 😂 

The curry was amazing, it wasn’t described as a hot curry on the menu, and luckily I can handle heat - as the chillis gave the curry a lovely firey yet flavoursome kick 🔥 

Somehow we thought we still had room so ordered both vegan desserts off the menu to share. Here we have the Fruity Flapjack and Dark Chocolate and Ginger Torte. As soon as I took a bite the fullness of the meal hit me but we powered through with the flapjack and snuck the torte home for later 🙈

The torte was rich, soft and extremely decadent however I struggled to pick up on the ginger flavour. My boyfriend adored it and devoured the majority of it 😂 The flapjack was our favourite out of the two, in fact it tasted exactly the same as the traybake we sell in work but the one in work isn’t vegan. I seriously need the recipe for this one☝️😍

I’ll definitely be going back as the flavours were on point and I’m excited to try out  the Brunch menu. It was very quiet so I do hope people start flooding through the doors soon but I’m sure that’s just a little teething issue as the location, decor and flavours were spot on 💕see you soon xo

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