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Woodlands Animal Sanctuary Annual Gala Ball @ Ramada Plaza

I joined my mum this year, along with many other volunteers at Woodlands, for the annual Gala Ball. 

We were greeted by extravagantly decorated tables, each made unique with a photo of an animal along with their name (rather than traditional table numbers), and a slideshow of images with different furry faces.  

After a congratulary toast to all staff and volunteers along with a recap of the ups and downs of the past year, we moved onto the main event of the evening - food!

I was very surprised I was the only vegan at the table and the food I received was classic yet fantastic. Excuse the images the lighting was an orange / green mix that wasn’t the best for food photography! For starters all guests enjoyed Parsnip Soup (mine minus the cream) served with a warm bread roll.

The menu card at the table only showed what the set menu options for meateaters were so I’m not 100% what my main course was but it was absolutely delicious. A coconut butternut squash and potato curry medley lightly paired with a lemony vegetable rice. I really enjoyed it even though I’m not usually a great lover of mild  curries, as I’m all about the spice, but this was full of flavour, juicy and incredibly moreish. 

Finally for desert I had vanilla panna cotta with strawberry and pineapple which was a nice sweet palate cleanser and I’ve not had a gelatine-free version of panna cotta since going vegan.

The cost of the tickets, raffles and 10% of Bar takings all went straight to the running of the sanctuary and overall more than £1400 was raised 👏🏽

It was a lovely way to spend an evening knowing all proceeds were helping out a fantastic cause. They really do do brilliant work looking after and raising money to help all the animals they can - if you would like to make a donation yourself or find out further details about Woodlands please check out the following link here 😻 xo

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