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Cottage Teacosies & Merlins Bakery Cafe (Artisan Foodworks)

Merlins Bakery Cafe is the brainchild behind the owners of Artisan Foodworks (voted one of the top 20 bakeries in the UK). The bakery is closed to the public (apart from the amazing Bread Making classes they run) so everything that is made in the bakery, is used or sold at the cafe for everybody to enjoy.  

Everything produced goes above and beyond expectation with the detail lying in the special touches. For example hand crafted jams are made for their freshly baked bread and wonderfully unique hand-knitted (Handmade by Julie) Teacosies sit proudly atop their enamel teapots. 

I spotted this beauty below in their Retail section and immediately fell in love with its cuteness. The ever creative Julie however had complete faith in me (for some reason!) and believed I was able to follow her pattern to create my own.

With a bit of assistance, perseverance and time (four months to be precise 😂..) I am so pleased with my attempt and proud that it vaguely resembles the original! It is so satisfying seeing something turn from nothing into a whole completed item. 

The cafe is well worth a visit. Although it’s not a vegan cafe - they have weekly vegan specials, along with other vegan savoury and sweet items daily, a beautiful Saturday brunch menu, you can buy TVP merchandise and it is even dog friendly so there really is something for everybody. See you soon xo

*Exclaimer: please be warned, once you taste what real bread tastes like you will never buy a supermarket loaf again 😂 

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