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Vegan Market @ Baltic Market

I love the Baltic triangle, you never know what you may find round the corner and the venues are slowly but surely being reclaimed and brought back into the modernised world by the quirky, industrial loving, owners of shops/eateries/and more.  

The Docks presence is important to the location, and to Liverpool itself, and I’ve found that it has a very ‘Camden Market’ vibe to the area. Being a super excited and hungry vegan, we arrived a few minutes early and was pleased to see around a dozen or so people already queuing before us. 

Being a vegan market regular I spotted a few familiar names/faces, and was extremely happy to see Purple Carrot ‘s pop up amongst them all. We were planning on heading to their store after the market for a weekly shop but this (metaphorically-speaking) killed two birds with one stone and I was able to stock up on all my store cupboard essentials here instead. 

If you see Our Paula’s products anywhere you seriously need to try them. Both the garlic baguettes and the garlic pot shots are incredibly buttery and full of flavour. At previous events they have sold their baguettes hot and the garlicky aroma is usually the first smell to greet you. 

I needed something warm to eat so headed down to Little Furnace for a traditional stone-baked vegan Regina Margherita. Here’s the pizza pro firing my delight 👋🏽

The finished result was definitely worth the wait and was one of the nicest pizzas I’ve had in a long time. Very traditional Italian; the crispness of the thinnest parts of the pizza teamed with the denser chewier crusts, marinara and vegan mozzarella were sublime. My vegan-cheese-hating partner even stole half of it from me. 

Unfortunately I was slightly disappointed in the size of the event as I had previously read an article announcing the ‘return of the farmers market’ with this being the first vegan version. Based on the article I was picturing markets outside in the street selling fresh produce, usual traders inside selling vegan versions of their specials, and pop up stalls from the usual (well-known, and loved) vegan suspects! Instead I would say there was no more than 20 stalls and we were in and out in less than an hour. 

Don’t get me wrong, anything vegan is a winner for me and the pure quantity of people at the event (and who tried to get into the event) prove that veganism is on the rise and the movement isn’t to be taken lightly. Just having been looking forward to the event for over a month I was expecting many stalls and to see something on the scale of LABL’s events. 

It was still a lovely way to spend an hour and everything eaten/taken away was fantastic as usual. I feel like the blog has taken a slightly sour turn so here’s a bonus pic of the wonderful Liver Building just because she’s so beautiful xo

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