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Mowgli @ Water Street

After the success of their amazing flagship Bold Street restaurant, the new Water Street location has been on our hit list for a while now.

The decor theme was very ‘upmarket jungle’ mirroring their other location, but on a larger, somewhat classier, scale. 

The main menu is extensive enough, with an array of meat, vegetarian and vegan options; however there are also separate Vegan and Gluten Free menus produced upon request.

I’ve been dreaming (literally) of the Temple Dahl and Tea Steeped Chickpeas since my last visit so unfortunately trying any new dishes was off the cards for me!

Both were perfect, as always, and we ordered a side of fries and puri for the table. Which definitely wasn’t necessary but lovely additions all the same! 

One day in the future, hopefully this fullness will disperse, and we shall be seeing you soon Mowgli. 

Until next time xo

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