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Sushi School @ Yo! Sushi 🍱

For part of my sisters Christmas present I signed us both up to Sushi School at Yo! in Liverpool. We were that excited when the day arrived that we got there over half an hour early and couldn’t resist the sights and smells so had to have a quick bite to eat first! 🙈

I decided to mix things up and try some other dishes than I’d usually pick, and after careful consideration through the dozen+ Vegan options on the menu, I chose the Tofu Katsu Curry (voted 'Best Vegan Curry' by PETA) and Vegetable Gyoza.

The sweet Katsu curry paired with the spring onions and sticky rice was absolutely gorgeous, and super filling! I tend to prefer Chinese-style tofu over Silken (but obviously silken is Japanese and here we are, at a Japenese restaurant) but it was really tasty. 

I’ve been wanting to try Gyoza for a while and wasn’t disappointed, the crispy dumpling coating lovingly held together a medley of soya and vegetables that went perfectly with the accompanying soy sauce.

My sister chose another two Vegan options off the menu - Vegetable Yakisoba and Miso Soup 🍜 - both of which she really enjoyed too. Once our bellies were happy and we settled the bill it was perfect timing for the main course of the day - Sushi School! 

Firstly we were taught step by step how to create Kaiso Nori, then Cucumber Maki - which was handy as that’s a go-to sushi choice for me and finally (for me, a vegan-friendly) California Roll. It was much harder than it looks to get the rice ratio correct, mine kept trying to escape! 

Unfortunately I didn’t catch our instructors name but he was very helpful, friendly and informative and answered everybody’s questions very clearly and scientifically. He also offered and arranged for me to have amazing vegan ingredients for the California Roll (as opposed to the standard Chicken or Fish options) and got himself a separate chopping board and knife for the finishing stages of my Sushi.  

The class had a break then a final 45 minute class teaching how to choose and prepare Salmon correctly but we opted out of this! 

We both really enjoyed the evening and got to take all our lovely creations away with us. I can’t wait to put my new skills to the test in future. Until next time Yo! Sushi xo

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