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Blogger Breakfast @ LIV Organic & Natural Food Market

Yesterday I had the pleasure of starting my day off at the blogger breakfast event at LIV, in Liverpool. I can’t help popping into LIV to pick up some vegan goodies every time I go to town however had not tried their Eatery yet so was looking forward to sampling their selections.

We had tasters of smashed avocado, scrambled tofu, mushrooms, peanut butter with banana and hummus - all spread generously on lovely soft light white batard. They were all delicious (I did not try the peanut butter slice due to allergies) but my favourites were the scrambled tofu, which was so realistic to egg in texture and full of flavour, and the hummus which was incredibly creamy and moreish.

Next we had the chance to try out some delicious juices made on site from LIV’s Juice Bar.

The Root Zest was packed with a ginger punch, Ocean Zephyr was delicious and the smell alone reminded me of Australia, Carrot Cake was a gorgeous shot of nutmeg and cinnamon which reminded me of RumChata and Christmas, Beetroot Latte which really did taste exactly like a shot of coffee with beetroot and Spirulina Spartan which myself, @lucymiawhisker and @organicalalice all described as being able to taste ‘the health’.

Each different juice had its own different appeal and intention (the Spirulina Spartan would be amazing for hangovers/detoxing, whereas the Beetroot Latte would make a unique alternative to naturally waking you up) so I’m glad to know what they each taste like as I will surely be adding them to my shopping list in future.

Next we engaged in a smoothie bowl making competition using cherry and banana smoothie bases, chia seeds, coconut, goji berries, passion fruit and banana which was good fun and the lovely @lulumersey was crowned the well deserved champion.

The morning was concluded with a talk with Louise Mitchell from Pacifica. I’ve been wanting to try out Pacifica as the range is so vast and so beautifully designed. They are 100% vegan & cruelty free and produce everything from nail varnish and face wipes to eyeshadow palettes and perfume. When my next requirement for new beauty products arises I now know exactly where to look.

Thank you again to Ashleigh and Daisy for having me and for arranging such a fantastic morning, it was amazing to put faces to blogs and try out all the new products. And the gift bag we all received really was the cherry on top of the carrot cake juice 😉

[📸pictured above: @lulumersey @theorganicalice @lucymiawhisker (me🙋🏻‍♀️) @mylilchickpea @daniellelevy @pppassionforfood @veggieliverpool]

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