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The Old Duke - Marston’s Inn

The new pub is situated next to our local supermarket, and my boyfriend loves a bit of pub grub, so we decided to try The Old Duke as the venue for our next date night. 

The menu wasn’t huge and for a restaurant marketing itself as ‘pizza & grill’ I wasn’t really expecting a vegan main option and thought I’d be making up my own meal with selections of sides! However I was pleasantly surprised to see a vegan option in the starters, a couple in the mains and even two deserts!

I chose the Tomato, Butterbean and Lentil Stew which was nice enough but very basic, in both flavour and ingredients. Granted it was under the ‘lighter options section’ but the tiny salad and one piece of flatbread really left me wanting more. I stole half my boyfriends chips then dove straight into the desert menu!

I eventually picked the warm apple pie with vegan ice cream and it was delicious. It’s great to see more and more people catering for vegans and starting to consider veganism more in their lives, so I hate to be critical of the main but hopefully it will be seen as constructive! 

I won’t be rushing to go back but when I do I’ll be sure to order the starter with both deserts! 😂💕

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