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Woodlands Animal Sanctuary

Woodlands have taken or rehabilitated over 5000 animals in the 11 years they have been open. It costs £3000 per week to run the sanctuary and they save and look after animals as small as hedgehogs to as big as horses.

Due to the cost they greatly rely on their network of voulenteers who help fundraise and look after the animals.

Woodlands are the only shelter in Lancashire and Merseyside with a Hedgehog Unit and a Badger Rehabilitation Unit making them the only sanctuary in West Lancashire who cater for multi-species.

This gorgeous little pony above (and her sibling) were both rescued from being sent to Italy to be made into designer Italian Leather Handbags. Luckily Woodlands have been able to save their lives and provide a safe refuge.

The animals are so lovely and clearly just want to be loved. I was able to spend some time with the resident cats, the ones who are too ill to be adopted so are kept full time at the sanctuary, and all of them wanted to be stroked and rubbed around all our legs fighting for attention and kindness. This little lady was so friendly she hopped onto my back for a ride whilst I stroked her friend!

Here we have Burt, Ernie and a little Pony all happy and together in the same stable, showing the versatility and importance of animals shelters.

There are so many beautiful animals I saw just on that one trip. I wish I had a lot of land to be able to take a few of them off their hands!

If you have a shelter local to yourself and are either looking to adopt a new animal, or have a few spare hours a week, please pop down and see if you can do anything to help them.

I’m sure you end up making a difference to so many lives xo

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