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Afternoon tea at Westminster Tea Rooms

Imagine my surprise looking through the window at the olde worlde tea rooms and seeing the word ‘VEGAN’ scrawled proudly onto a blackboard. We were all hungry, but not wanting to eat too much as it was only early afternoon, and couldn’t decide upon where and what to eat until this little ray of sunshine saved the day 💡

In keeping with the traditional and elegant theme, the establishment only accepted cash or cheque, yet was up to date enough with the times/thoughtful enough to have an astonishing three full pages of Vegan options to choose from!

Everything sounded delicious so it was a really tough choice but in the end I chose the Mayfair Afternoon Tea and my mum chose the Duchess Afternoon Tea and we decided to share.

Firstly we were presented with a lovely tea and coffee accompanied by soya milk, in the most gorgeous little tea set. Then the showstoppers arrived - two three tiered cake stands baring an array of goodness.

As part of my Mayfair option we received a slice of cheese on toast using a vegan Red Leicester-style cheese on wholemeal bread. It was really tasty and I’ve not yet tried a mature free from cheese so that was a nice change!

For my mums Duchess option: four beautifully soft finger sandwiches encasing fillings such as their homemade hummus of the day, tofu and mango chutney, cheddar and cucumber and a vegan club. I was torn between having soup and a sandwich (but couldn’t really decide which sandwich!) until I saw the vegan afternoon tea options so it was perfect for somebody like me who loves to pick at and try everything!

Finally, last but by no means least, a ‘buttery’ fluffy fruit scone served with vegan margarine, strawberry jam and coconut cream. I literally have been talking about wanting vegan scones for so long but haven’t got round to finding/baking any so this was like heaven on a plate.

Every different element of the high tea tasted beautiful, the atmosphere and dining experience was unique and made me feel nostalgic about my grandparents, and with such a vast and yummy-sounding menu we will definitely be back!

Thank you for having us xo

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