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Chiquitos Brunch

I’ve eaten at Chiquito, more times than probably healthy, however have never been for Breakfast/Brunch so when the offer of a free brunch for two arose, and on the day I had a day off work, there was literally no stopping us.

Firstly I ordered the cucumber, ginger, avocado and passion fruit smoothie which was full of flavour, spicy and very thick and creamy. Plus it was jam-packed with good fruits and veggies to start the day off right 💪🏽

There is not yet a traditional vegan breakfast on the menu however the helpful waitress was happy to let me make up my own consisting of their homemade salsa, refried beans, sautéed potatos and a couple of hash browns. When the plate arrived I envisioned I’d be leaving hungry as there wasn’t a huge amount quantity-wise, however I needn’t have had such greedy thoughts as in reality I couldn’t even finish it! Not for lack of trying though, the richness of the tomatoes and the flavours in their salsa and refried beans were sublime. 

Thank you for having us once again, I’m already looking forward to my next visit ✨

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