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The unlimited-salad-bar bright lights of Harvester have been calling me for a while but tonight was my first visit.

Unfortunately the heating was broken in our particular restaurant, so not many brave souls joined us for dinner and we were almost put off by the lack of custom. However I am glad we perceived!

It did have a sort of school canteen/all inclusive holiday vibe with the bright lighting, buffet set-up and ‘clinical’ coldness but the crisp, yet fruity, £12 bottle of wine started warming us up.

Usually when having dinner with my mum we both order differently on purpose so we can share and have the best of both worlds however this time we were both set on our choice - of the same dish!

I am so glad we both stuck with our guns though as I’m sure I’d have been envious of her if I’d have chosen differently! We both had the lentil tagine with flat bread and hummus and the fresh and beautiful flavours were perfect enough to brighten up an otherwise cold and ordinary evening.

We were that warmed up in fact that our ‘quick meal out’ turned into a night of salsa and enjoyment 💃🏼

Thank you harvester, I may wait until warmer weather next time, but I’m sure I’ll be back xo

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