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Christmas 2017

I hope everybody has had a great Christmas surrounded by fantastic food, friends and family 🌱🎄💚 

Being my first Vegan Christmas I was expecting to just be eating vegetables and potatos throughout, however my brilliant mum went above and beyond as usual and there was more choice for me this year than ever I think! 

Christmas Eve

Myself, my vegetarian mum and my meat eating sister were able to enjoy a medley of food together at a local bar. There was something for everybody so we all left happy!

Christmas Day

For starters there was a choice of tomato soup or mushroom pâté with artisan bread. 

Both options were gorgeous and the main even better. 

Soy & quinoa loaf, with dauphinois potatos, stuffing, carrots, sprouts and the best roast potatos ever. 

Even vegan Christmas cake!!!

Boxing Day

Firstly I was treated to an amazing buffet where I was able to stuff my greedy little face with all of this for lunch

And then in the evening we went out for Dinner with family and was I able to choose from a variety of vegan dishes straight from the menu. 

Cauliflower fritters with vegan raita 

And thai green curry with basmati rice 

New Years Eve

Me and my partner decided to go to Pizza Hut for the first time in ages to try the new violife cheese and I was extremely pleased. Other than the lack of cheesy bites (which would have been completely unnecessary anyway as I couldn’t even finish the pizza) it tasted exactly as the usual Margherita I’d have eaten as a vegetarian. 

New Years Day

Unfortunately after countless tequilas during NYE I wasn’t feeling like a ray of sunshine 🌞 however this exceptional roast dinner and trifle really took the edge off! 

Additional vegan goodies I was lucky enough to receive

Not only was I proved wrong by how much I’d still be able to enjoy Christmas but I was blown away my my family and friends thoughtfulness. 

Have a wonderful New Year everybody, here’s to a kinder and better 2018 xo

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